Learning to be a publisher

A fresh blog, a fresh start in Scotland and lots of work to do. I embarked on an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University at the start of September and I’m really enjoying it. The more I do the course, the more I come to realise that this is definitely the profession I want to be in. It’s a steep learning curve and learning to keep myself on task rather than getting lost in interesting sounding journal articles is just the first step on a long and intensive road.

I’ve started to make some really good friends here and no longer feel quite so intimidated by the size of Edinburgh. I can navigate the bus system most of the time and know my way around some of the main shopping streets.

I’ve started to think about possible ideas for my dissertation and I think I’ve got a couple. I’m particularly interested in how social networking can be utilised to promote the publishing industry and what it has to offer. Any thoughts?