Agumented Reality in Book Format

The blurring of lines between print and digital media is increasingly important in today’s digital-orientated world. On the face of things, this latest offering from Siglio Press seems like nothing more than a flashy gimmick. Between Page and Screen is a book of poems that only appear when the reader holds the pages up to a webcam and allows the software on the website to read the geometric glyph on the page. The text then appears pop-up style as if by magic.

In its current form it feels like a marketing gimmick but if one thinks about it, the potential for this technology is interesting. It is possible to imagine, for example, that this could be used in education text books. The technology allows for moving holograms to be displayed on the screen simply by showing the glyph to the webcam. One could imagine that this could be used to bring diagrams to life in school text books. Instead of a 2d labelled diagram, the child could show the book to the webcam and be presented with a moving model. It might not be the holodeck from Star Trek quite yet but it will be interesting to watch how this technology unfolds and is utilised in the future.

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